Answer to the question asked yesterday!❄️☀️☃️🔥⛄️

To jog your memories here is the question that we asked:

Why during winters if you walk on a marble surface it feels cool and on a wooden one warmer as compared to the marble one even if they have the same temperature as the surrounding?

Some of you guys tried to answer and its good to see that some of you were right, and that too, to the point. Anyways to those who couldn’t think of the reason for that to be happening, here is the reason:

We learnt from the previous article that cold is nothing but a term for the absence of heat. This implies the faster the heat is lost, the faster we feel cold and thats the backbone for this phenomenon. 

You might know there are two types of conducting material, namely conductors and insulators. Here we are talking about heat conducting materials, not to be confused with electrical conductors.

The conductors allow a fast transfer of heat than the insulators and marble is a good conductor of heat thats why we loose heat faster from our feet when we walk on marble as compared to wooden one. Wood is not able to take/conduct heat as fast from our feet as compared to marble thats why we feel cool on a marble surface than on a wood one, as we are losing heat faster from our feet in case of marble and slower in the case of wood.

The reason is simple and is often ignored by most people, now you guys know. Have fun and as always HAPPY THINKING.

Thanks for reading, tune in again every Saturday and Sunday for more               AWESOME THEORIES!


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